Puppy Day Care vs Puppy Sitting: What is Best For Your Dogs


Should you choose puppy day care or puppy sitting for your dog while you are at work?  Learn the benefits of doggy day care and dog sitting to help you choose.

Choosing to take your puppy to puppy day care or to a puppy sitter is a major decision; especially if you are trying to find what best fits your dog.  We all want to do what is right for our dog, even if it means we must shell out a bit more money to make sure our pup is happy.  Yet, many people don’t seem to understand the difference between a puppy sitting and doggie daycare, a misconception that could easily cause issues if you do not understand the benefits and consequences of both types of dog care.

Puppy Day Care: What to Expect

When many of us think of day care, we think of the facility where we bring out kids while we are working.  In many ways, doggie daycare is the same.  At a puppy daycare, your dog is being watched by professionals where they have supervised playtime both inside and out.   Just like a child daycare, your puppy is also matched with dogs of their own age and size, allowing everyone to play safely in a secure environment.

Most puppy day cares also run on a set premade schedule, where you must drop off your dog at certain and pick it up before they close.  For those who work non-traditional hours, you may find doggie day care to be a bit too restricting.

Private Dog Sitter: What is Dog Sitting

A dog sitter is someone who watches your dog in your own home or their home, and watches only a number of dogs at a time.  Usually, this person is another pet owner who loves dogs.  For many puppies, a puppy sitter is very beneficial, since puppy sitting can take place in your own home, allowing your dog to continue their normal potty training.

The one drawback to puppy sitting is the fact that not every sitter has the same standards or ability to take dogs. Most only take five to ten dogs, allowing the dogs to play either in their house, or outdoors.  While they may be able to work around your schedule, they are not a very large business in most cases.  If your private puppy sitter is sick, you likely will not have anywhere to bring your dog that day, causing you possible issues.

Doggie Day Care vs. Puppy Sitting

When trying to decide which is better for you, Doggie Day Care of Puppy sitting, you need to take the following into account:

  • Cost  (Day care is $8 – $25 day, Puppy Sitter $25 – $50)
  • How Social is your puppy
  • Cleanliness
  • Opinion of Staff

Our dogs are important to us, so make sure you spent some time touring both facilities, no matter if it’s a puppy day care or a dog sitting business.  By doing this, you will make both you and your dog less stressed and comfortable.

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