House Sitting Rates: A Better Option than Boarding Your Pet


Learn why paying for house sitting may be a great alternative to boarding your pet. Also, discover what factors should determine your house sitting rates.

Overnight House Sitters

Some pet owners are very uneasy with the idea of leaving their dog or cat at a kennel or other type of boarding facility. For these pet parents, a good alternative is an overnight house sitter. This article will discuss house sitting rates, and things to consider when choosing a house/pet sitter.

House Sitting Rates of Pay

You will find that the house sitting rates of pay vary widely based on several factors including:

·        Location – Your location will have a big impact on house sitting fees. For example, house sitting rates in Seattle will likely be much different that house sitting rates in a small town.

·        Type of Business – The rate will be lower for a college kid trying to housesit to earn extra money than it would be for a bona fide business.

·        Services offered – You will pay more for someone to keep up with basic housework and yard work than you will for a college kid who is basically just going to crash at your house and make sure your dogs have food and water.

House Sitting Services: How to Choose

How you choose a house sitting service really depends on what you want, but there are some things that you should consider.

·        Cost – Cost is certainly going to be a factor for many people, but you should not necessarily hand off the caring of your home and pets to the lowest bidder. Still, if you know a reliable young person that may be a good option.

·        Reliability – When you hire someone to care for your pets, reliability is probably the most important consideration. What if they choose not to show up one day? What would happen to your pets? For this reason, it might be a good idea to choose someone who runs a business house sitting rather than the kid from down the street.

·        References – Whoever you choose, ask for references. Then, take the time to check those references. If you hear anything less than glowing reviews, you might want to find another house sitter.

House Sitting Fees: Extras

Some house sitting businesses will offer extra services for an extra fee. Such services may include:

·        Washing the dog

·        Extra walks

·        Yard work

·        Vet visits

Be sure that you are clear about what is, and what is not allowed. For example, do you want the house sitter to take the dog to the dog park? Is it ok if they have anyone else in the house? Are certain rooms off-limits to the dog? Should the dog be supervised at all times when in the yard? All of these things must be discussed before you leave your house sitter alone with your pet.

Overnight house sitters are, for some, a good alternative to using a dog boarding facility. Just be sure to choose your house sitter wisely.

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