Best Dog Daycares: Dog Daycare Prices & Dog Daycare Rates


Finding the right dog daycares is important. If you are on budget, dog daycare prices & dog daycare rates are crucial. Learn more about doggie daycares here.

With how busy most pet owners are during the day, it is not too surprising that dog daycares are becoming more popular.  In the past, many of us had to leave our dogs alone, where they would either be in their crate for the day or worse, sitting in a gated yard alone.    With all the doggie daycares available today, however, it is not too surprising that more of us are considering sending our dogs to daycare.  With all the difference places available today, however, how exactly do we determine which dog daycare is the best for our favorite canine companion?

Dog Daycare Prices & Dog Daycare Rates

Picking Dog Daycares

Today, nearly everyone is opening their own dog daycare.   With all the different advertisements we see on TV and in our mailbox, it is not too surprising that we are unsure which doggie daycare is appropriate for our dog.  While finding a dog daycare isn’t easy, always remember that these daycare should follow some of the same standards as your child’s daycare.

When looking at a dog daycare, it should be:

  • Clean
  • Have a Trained Staff
  • Run by someone with Animal Experience
  • Require Vaccination for All of Its Dogs
  • Be Flea Free
  • Provides Playtime and Stimulation for your Dog

Since all of us have different schedules, you may also want to consider going with a dog daycare that fits your own schedule.  Like children’s daycares, many have schedules that go from 9 – 5, something is inconvenient for parents who are on odd schedules.   Make sure you talk to your daycare about their regular hours.

Dog Daycare Rates

Along with your dog daycare providing a safe, fun place for your dog to socialize during the day, it should also be reasonably priced for your budget.   Most dog daycare prices should range from $8 to $40 a day, depending on what activities are provided at the daycare.  As well, dog daycare rates will fluctuate depending on the breed of your dog and if your dog needs special attention during the day.   Most of the time, commercial dog daycare prices will be cheaper, but realize that your dog will not be receiving as much individual attention as they will receive at a private home.

Private vs Commercial Doggie Daycares

When determining if your dog should go to a commercial or private dog daycare, it is usually best to consider the personality of your dog.  At most commercial daycares, your dog is going to be socializing with dozens of other dogs their size, allowing them to socialize with these other dogs. If your dog is shy, you may want to consider placing them in a smaller environment with fewer dogs, which is common for most private dog daycares that are in individual’s homes.

No matter which type of dog daycare you decide to go with, you are providing your dog with needed social time and human attention.  In the end, you will come home to a tired, but happy dog.

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