The French Bulldog Temperament – Pros and Cons


It’s clear to understand why many people, even stars nowadays, have accepted the French bulldog breed as a companion or pet. They have got a similar temperament as bulldogs provide but they’re small and much more lovable.

Even though some can find the American Bulldog’s structure and appearance to be very frightening, it’s reduced in size variant, the French bulldog temperament doesn’t have the exact same feel. And another distinction that this Frenchie has over its American counterpart is it is more at home inside.

The French Bulldog Temperament – Pros and Cons

The fact is, the common size a Frenchie in its adulthood may be only about 2 feet up to its actual highest point. You will even find various bulldogs that can be considerably small sized. They’re even light in weight as compared to many other puppies, despite their sturdy body, they often weigh only about 18 to 22 lbs, while the larger class weight might weigh about 20 to 30 lbs.

And similar to any other purchases, you need to bear in mind first the advantages and disadvantages of a product or service, or in this situation, the dogs breed, and see should the pros may be much better in your situation compared to disadvantages.

These are some of the positives and negatives of the French bulldog temperament that were noted by most owners. Bear in mind, pets, like people, are individuals as well and may also normally different than others.


French bulldogs temperament are usually rather intelligent and may also be trained quickly. They are generally good watchdogs once trained properly. They are also not outrageous barker. They bark only when they need something to express to you and also that includes having a thief in your house.

Frenchie also have a great temper and tend to be well socialized. They also like to hunt mice therefore means you won’t need a kitten. Best of all, French bulldogs are amazing companion dogs. They can be very adorable and affectionate and would rather play. Because of their little size, they don’t need a lot of open area or even a huge back or front yard to relax and play or exercise.


The French bulldog can be hard headed and stubborn at times. When not trained well, a Frenchie cannot be used as a guard pet.

Also, French bulldogs can get gassy, quickly get drained and hot, breathes noisily while sleeping when in bed, as well as the tendency to slobber.

Furthermore, because of their body structure and bloodline, French bulldogs are known to be horrible in swimming, has difficulty with breathing, and also have difficulties delivering. They’re also known for having many health problems. That’s the reason why they usually are quite pricey and may tend to need a lot more normal visitations to a vet.

Those are just a number of examples that a person would probably find as advantages and disadvantages with a French bulldog.

It’s now your choice if you’re able to cope with the side effects and enjoy the benefits of having and living with the French bulldog temperament.

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