Dog Kennel Plans: Learn to Build a Dog Kennel


Making your own dog kennel plans is the perfect way to start when wanting to build a dog kennel. Check out these dog kennel designs & get started!

While getting dog kennel plans may be the first step to building a dog house, remember that building dog kennels is a lot of work.  When many families talk about building one of these dog houses, they think they are getting themselves into a small weekend project.  Most of the time, however, they find out that they are in over their head, mostly because they didn’t think ahead on what all would be necessary with the dog kennel design.   With a bit of planning however, you can put your dog kennel plans into motion, allowing your family and you to help build the best dog kennel design.

Dog Kennel Plans: What You Will Need

One of the main reasons people get in over their head with dog kennel plans is not having everything they need at the beginning of the project.  On most blueprints for dog kennels, you will find a list of materials that will be needed.  Most of the time, this will include very basic items, but make sure you buy quality items when buying things for your dog’s kennel.  The people who made your dog kennel design don’t think about the weather in different areas, take this into account.

When buying materials for your dog kennels, make sure to have:

  • Extra materials.  Buy 1/3 more than you will need.
  • Weather Related Insulation:  Don’t buy cheap materials if you live in a very warm or very cold area.
  • Make good decisions when it comes to wood.  You only want to build this house once.

While this may seem trivial, realize that many people don’t have the right amount of parts during building, making it frustrating for many families who are building a dog house after the hardware store closes.

Design a Dog Kennel: Proper Planning

While it may be fun to design a dog kennel or use unique dog kennel plans online, realize that not all designs are right for all situations.  If you have multiple dogs, one small dog house isn’t going to be enough.  Make sure to take your dog’s size, age, and the amount of dogs you expect to get into the dog kennels before you even begin building.  Nothing is more frustrating than building a kennel your dogs won’t even use, so make sure to take this into account.

Creating Perfect Dog Kennels

After you have everything for your dog house, you will be ready to start building.  As long as you plan ahead, you will find that building dog kennels can be a very fun summer project.  Just make sure to have your dog kennels plans together before you even start building, this will not only save you time, but money in the long run.

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