Dog Muzzles for Biting: A Temporary Solution for Behavior Control


Dog muzzles for biting & dog muzzles for behavior control are only a temporary fix. Dog muzzles for aggressive dogs do not take place of behavior modification.

Dog Muzzles for Biting: A Temporary Solution for Behavior Control

Dog Muzzles for Biting

Dog muzzles for biting are certainly an effective to protect humans and animals from an aggressive dog, but they should not be considered a long-term solution. There are some situations that may warrant the use of a muzzle.

  • Grooming – Some dogs get very upset during grooming, particularly when it is time to clip their nails. Putting a muzzle on your pet during this time will protect the groomer should the dog decide to nip at her.
  • Training – Muzzles may be used during training to protect the trainer until other behavior modification methods begin to work.
  • Vet Visits – As is the case with grooming, some dogs get upset when they visit the vet. Using a muzzle may be a good option to protect the staff at the vet’s office.

Dog Muzzles for Aggressive Dogs

If you have an aggressive dog, a dog muzzle should not be viewed as the answer to your problem. A dog should not have to wear a muzzle every time he or she leaves the house. Instead, a muzzle should only be viewed as a very short term solution until proper training and behavior modification can correct the aggressive behavior.

It is not ok to allow a dog to be aggressive and simply stifle his urge to attack with a muzzle. Instead, you must work with a trainer to curb the behavior so that the dog will no longer need the muzzle.

Dog Muzzles for Behavior Control

As mentioned above, it is fine to use a muzzle to protect the trainer while the dog is learning not to be aggressive. It is NOT ok to use the muzzle as punishment or as the MEANS of behavior modification.

If your trainer suggests that this is a good idea, you should find another trainer.

Dog Muzzles for Biting: Other Options

If you have an aggressive dog, the first priority is the safety of the people and other animals that the dog will come in contact with. If you must take your aggressive dog in public for walks, vet visits or other reason, then you should use a muzzle, BUT, as mentioned above, this should not be considered a long term solution.

  • Obedience Classes – If the dog is not really aggressive, but gets snappy when threatened or scared, an obedience class may work for you. You should not, however, enroll an aggressive dog in an obedience class because he or she will be a threat to the other dogs and their owners.
  • One on One Training – If you have an aggressive dog then you must find a good trainer. Ideally, the trainer will have a lot of experience – and success – working with aggressive dogs.

Remember, a muzzle will physically restrain your dog from biting, but it will not teach proper behavior and that should always be the ultimate goal.

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