Hiring Dog Minders: Perfect Dog Sitting without Dog Boarding Fees


Learn why dog minders are the new way to take care of pets during the day. Compare why dog sitting is so much better than dog boarding for your favorite dog.

Have you ever considered using dog minders to take care of your dog’s needs during the day?   Most dogs spend most of their time alone while their owners are at work, leaving them not only lonely, but more likely to take part in destructive behavior.  By hiring a dog sitting business to walk your dog or play with them for a set amount of time during the day, you are adding some fun and exercise to your dog’s day.  In the end, many owners even enjoy coming home to happy, but exhausted dog.

Hiring Dog Minders: Perfect Dog Sitting without Dog Boarding Fees

Dog Minders: Dog Sitting Businesses

The first time you heard someone talking about dog minders, you were probably thinking of a psychic for dogs or a dog therapist, but in actuality, this is an old term for a person who takes part in dog sitting.  As part of a dog minders job, they are expected to:

  • Walk Dogs
  • Play with Dogs
  • Possibly Housesit
  • Watching Other Family Pets

As well, most dog minders are also pet owners as well, meaning that they are able to give the same sort of care that you give your dog at home.  In some situations, some businesses also have medical professionals working for them who are capable of giving your dog insulin shots or other medicine, making it ideal for you if you need to leave town for business, or pleasure.

Dog Sitting: How it Helps You

Of course, dog sitting is ideal for individuals who work long hours but still want to come home to their favorite dog.   Depending on the care your dog needs, dog sitters can come and give your dog as much individual attention as they need, giving them walks and desired playtime during the day.  While this may not give your dog as much attention as doggy daycare, it is ideal for those dogs who are a bit more shy since the same person comes to visit and care for your dog each day.

As well, many dog sitting services also are happy to house sit and take care of your dog overnight while you are away.  Since your dog is spoiled rotten by most companies, it allows you to be stress free on your trip, especially when you work with companies that give you constant statuses on your dog through email or other online services.

Why Dog Minders are Better than Dog Boarding Kennels

If you have ever put your dog in a kennel, you know that dog boarding is a very traumatizing experience for both you and your dog.  Most kennels are not as clean as your own home and put a great deal of stress on your dog since they are near other strange dogs.  As if being stuffed in a cage for hours at a time isn’t enough to worry you, most kennels also do not have the time to give your dog individual attention, meaning that they are truly lonely.  Since dog boarding services can range $15 to $40 a day, dog boarding just isn’t worth it if you can get a dog minder ahead of time.

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