Cat Health Problems Symptoms: Cat Eye Infections Symptoms & More


Learn why cat health problems symptoms are important for cat owners to know, especially when it comes to cat stress symptoms, and cat eye infections symptoms.

Being a pet owner, it is important to know about cat health problems symptoms.  While none of us like to think about our cat being sick, knowing the warning signs can help us prevent more serious issues from developing in our cat.  Many pet owners who ignore these symptoms soon found themselves at their veterinarian, paying high vet bills for an illness that could have been avoided.  With a bit of information, however, you can avoid the most common health problems by knowing the symptoms.

Most Common Cat Health Problems Symptoms

When it comes to cat health problems that have symptoms, there are four major types of illnesses that show cat health problems symptoms:

  • Feline Stress
  • Cat Eye Infections
  • Hazy Eye

While these may not seem very severe at first, they can quickly lead to something more serious.  Below, we will be going into detail about each of these conditions, along with their symptoms.

Feline Stress

For most cat owners, the most common cat health problems symptoms that you will be seeing are related to feline stress.  Cats are very sensitive to their environment and it is easy for them to feel stressed.  When a cat is stressed, they are likely to:

  • Spray
  • Pace
  • Not Eat
  • Tremble
  • Meow Excessively

Just like humans, excessive feline stress can shorten the life of your cat, making it one of the most severe cat health problems symptoms.  As well, it can eventually lead to other issues for your cat.

Cat Eye Infections Symptoms

Like humans, cats are easily prone to cat eye infections.  Being the most serious cat health problems symptoms, cat eye problems can easily be a sign of more serious conditions.  You should go see your vet immediately if your cat is showing some of the following symptoms.

  • Loss of Vision
  • Redness
  • Bulging or Sunken Eyes
  • Cloudiness

While many people may think talking to your vet about these issues may be overkill, it is better to be safe than sorry.  Some of these cat health problems symptoms can lead to serious issues such as your cat becoming blind or needing serious surgery.  Since no one likes to see their cat suffer, just make an appointment with your vet if you think you notice these symptoms.

Hazy Eye Symptom

Out of all the cat health problems symptoms, nothing is scarier to see than your cat’s eyes clouding or a condition known as hazy eye.   Usually hazy eye is the first sign of serious eye issues, such as glaucoma or cataracts.  Since surgery is in order with these conditions, it is better to bring your cat to a doctor sooner rather than later.  In some cases, your cat may even become blind with hazy eye, so always take it seriously.

Your cat’s health is important, so always take it seriously.

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