Foods Dogs Should Not Eat & Foods Cats Should Not Eat


Know the foods dogs should not eat, as well as foods cats should not eat.  Learn what healthy foods your dogs can eat for ultimate nutrition.

Before you get a dog, it is important to know what foods dogs should not eat.  Many of us grew up giving dogs whatever they wanted off of our table, not realizing that sometimes some of the most healthy, flavorful foods are actually quite deadly.  While some of these foods may not be deadly, they can cause long term harm to not only dogs, but cats, since many of the things dogs should not eat are also foods cats should not eat.  So, how do you know which treats are best for your favorite pup or kitty?

Foods Dog Should Not Eat

If you are someone who has animals, you probably stress quite a bit about your dog or cat getting a hold of something that could possibly be harmful. Around the holiday season, we worry about chocolate and many poisonous plants, but what about that turkey dressing on the table, or that delicious homemade eggnog that Aunt Marlene made?   Even though we normally don’t think about it, there are quite a few foods dogs should not eat.

In the table below are some of the most harmful foods dogs should not eat that are found on most common tables.  When many people see these foods, they are usually quite shocked since they have found that their dogs absolutely love these foods.   On the list, we will also be including foods cats should not eat.

Things Dogs Should Not Eats : Helpful Chart of Foods

Foods Reason they are Foods Dogs Should Not Eat
Chocolate and Caffeine Increased risk of high blood pleasure, heart attack, hyperactivity, induces vomiting and diarrhea. This is true for dogs and cats
Grapes and Raisins Possible Damage to Digestive System and Especially Kidneys.  This is true for dogs and cats.
Mushrooms Hard for dogs to digest and can cause the body to go into septic shock for dogs and cats
Onions and Garlic Increased risk of Anemia in dogs and cats since it damages red blood cells.
Yeast and Yeast Bread In Dogs and Cats, yeast can cause the stomach to rupture
Baby Foods If contains onion powder, can be dangerous for dogs.  Almost all baby food is toxic for cats and has little nutritious value.
Raw Eggs Can cause skin irritation and prevent absorption of Vitamin B.  Raw eggs can also induce vomiting in dogs and cats.

Foods Dogs Can Eat

While the list above may seem quite intimidating, there are also quite a few foods that are quite healthy for dogs.

Some of the best foods for dogs include:

  • Berries
  • Cooked Chicken and Beef
  • Sliced Apples
  • Baby Carrots
  • Green Beans
  • Bananas

Even this may be healthy foods, never have them be the sole food you give your dog, since they should mostly be living on dog food.  Remember, almost all human food should be included in foods dogs should not eat for better health.

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