4 Health Dog Food: A Quality Option and a Reasonable Price


Health dog food is a quality choice for your pet. While it does not include the absolute best ingredients, it does use whole meats and vegetables and leaves out any seriously controversial ingredients.

The first ingredient is a named meat source and the second is a meal, such as chicken meal. Chicken meal contains much more protein than whole chicken, so it is a wonderful addition to the food.

While 4 Health does not use human grade or all organic ingredients, the decision to use the types of ingredients that they use produce a very high quality food that is also affordable.

4 Health Dog Food Reviews

Most of the 4 Health dog food formulas earn very good ratings in expert reviews. Only one of the formulas – the Lamb and Rice – scores a bit lower than the others. The reason that the Lamb & Rice formulate gets lower marks is that it contains less meat and protein than the others.

As a whole the brand offers a content of about 30% protein, 16% fat and 46% carbohydrates.  These are good percentages that offer proper nutrition to your pet.

Consumer reviews of 4 Health dog foods are also generally positive. The food is very well priced for being of such a high quality. The only problem, for some consumers, is finding the food.

4 Health Dog Food Formulas

The makers of 4 Health dog food offer several formulas. In addition to the dry options that are listed below, 4 Health also comes in canned formulas. These wet foods are a good addition to the dry food.

  • Chicken & Rice Formula – For adult dogs
  • Lamb & Rice Formula – For adult dogs
  • Puppy Formula – For puppies up to 12 months old
  • Performance Formula – For active dogs
  • Small Bites Formula – For dogs that prefer smaller kibble
  • Large Breed Formula – For dogs that will have a healthy weight of  75 pounds or more

4 Health also comes in cat formulas for your feline family members.

4 Health Dog Food: Where to Buy

As mentioned above, the only real ding that 4 Health dog foods takes in consumer reviews is that it can be difficult to find. The only store that carries this line of pet food is Tractor Supply Company. If you do not have a Tractor Supply Company store near you, then you will not be able to buy this food. While Tractor Supply Company does have an online retail Web site, the food cannot be purchased through the site at this time.

Hopefully, in the near future, this will change so that you will be able to order 4 Health dog foods no matter where in the country you live.

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