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Helpful Links

There are a multitude of reputable websites offering guidance on training (using positive methods) and caring for your canine family members. These are just a few we have found useful. Note the link to the lost and found pets FaceBook page.

Lost and Found Pets, Flagstaff

Many topics for successful dog ownership, including training and behavior, health, and dog-friendly activities.isted belare ow organized in a manual dog resources listed below are now rganized in a manual`

All the resources from the webpage above, organized into a manual (182 pages)

Information on dog care, training, and other issues by the Humane Society of the U.S. 

Many useful topics, sponsored by one of the veterinary clinics we work with here in Flagstaff.

Other links:

Top 10 Pet Poison Prevention Tips

Dog Food Analysis - finding the best food for your dog

The Flagstaff-Sedona Dog Magazine - a resource for finding pet friendly establishments, dog parks, a pet directory and more.

Pet Safety During and After a Disaster - Good advice from the North Shore Animal League to help keep your pet(s) safe in and after any disaster situation.

How to Introduce Dogs and Cats